Expedition Cruising

Expedition cruising is a relatively recent innovation and a world away from the traditional cruise ship culture. The ships used are smaller, often carrying less than 100 people - and seek to involve you in the destinations they explore.

Up until recently this has mainly centered on the Polar Regions such as Antarctica, Greenland, and Spitzbergen, which are well covered in that section of our website. However, there are now opportunities to travel up the Amazon as far as Manaus, through Canada’s Inside Passage from Vancouver Island to Scagway in Alaska, or visit the Chilean or Norwegian Fjords at opposite ends of the globe. Tall Ship romantics can sail the South Seas aboard the Soren Larsen of Oneidin Line fame, visiting places such as Vanuata and French Polynesia – or explore Indonesia’s lesser islands aboard a traditional Schooner.


Exploration ship, Antarctica
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