Overland Journeys

An overland journey is not a holiday: it is an experience and the way you travel is as important as what you see with trips lasting up to six months. 

Many of the journeys on offer cover great distances crossing continents rather than countries - and offer a balance between travelling days and time to explore the many off the beaten track places on route. One key to successful journeys is participation - everyone joins in to ensure the smooth running of the trip taking turns in shopping for supplies, cooking meals, putting up tents, etc... The long established classic routes such as London to Kathmandu, Nairobi to Cape Town and the South American Circuit are as popular as ever but fascinating new routes are being added each year with Beijing to Kathmandu, La Paz to Ushuaia, Dakar to Duoala or Cairo to Khartoum being just some of the more offbeat options.


Trucking in Peru
Overland arrival, Tanzania