The Polar Regions are among the last untamed places left on Earth with panoramic icescapes and prolific wildlife being the major attractions. Minimum impact tourism is an essential part of travelling to these regions and this philosophy is upheld by the specialist operators that Worlds Apart offer in this area.

Once the preserve of explorers the Polar Regions now offer adventurous travellers a wide range of itineraries at prices that are increasingly affordable. Antarctic trips run from November to March and range from 10 to 28 days with most starting from Ushuaia on the southern tip of South America. The longer trips will often take in South Georgia & the Falkland Islands - while others visit the Ross Sea and even circumnavigate the continent. The expeditionary ships we recommend take between 50 and 120 passengers - and after wintering in Antartica they move north to summer in the Artic offering voyages to Greenland, Iceland, Spitzbergen and Canada's North West Passage. Here in addition to wildlife and scenic interest there is the added attraction of Inuit culture.

There are many ships, itineraries and styles on offer and our aim is to use our knowledge to help you choose the one that best suits your ideas and preferences.


Penguins - Antarctica
Humpback Whale