The antipodes have long been the perfect escape from the European winter. The term "The Great Outdoors" could have been coined for both Australia & New Zealand with their abundance of natural scenery and open spaces – and if you're travelling that far it seems a shame to miss out on the opportunity for a least a couple of days on a South Pacific island. The main problem with travel to this part of the world is time constraints. It would be easy to fill six months in Australia - and if you only have just two or three weeks it’s a question of hard choices. Australia's Northern Territory and Red Centre offer unique desert and wilderness experiences including insights into Aboriginal culture. Western Australia also has it’s wilderness, beaches and reefs but without the crowds. And the East offers everything from sophisticated cities to virgin rainforests and of course the Great Barrier Reef. New Zealand is far more manageable – it’s mountains, glaciers and geothermal activity offer plenty of options for an active holiday. And for many the Islands of the Pacific are an opportunity for a short sunny stopover – but they can be hugely rewarding for those who regard them as destinations in their own right.


Uluru - Ayres Rock
Wave Rock