Central America

Latin America is a vibrant cocktail of European, African and indigenous peoples who over the last few centuries have combined to form diverse countries. And for those on short timescales Central America might be described as South America in miniature – equally varied but on a smaller scale.

Peru has every reason to be Latin America’s most popular destination for travellers with its mix of mountains, deserts, rainforests, Inca ruins and Indian markets. Bolivia has many of Peru’s attractions but lacks the crowds as does Ecuador which has the huge added bonus of its Galapagos Islands – a wildlife enthusiasts Mecca!  Santiago and Buenos Aires are sophisticated cities but can both be combined with the wilds of Patagonia with its sweeping glaciers and prolific marine wildlife. Nature lovers might also consider Brazil\'s Amazon or Costa Rica – and for a mix of culture, scenery, wildlife and relaxation a two week tour of the Yucatan Peninsula taking in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize might be the perfect combination


Mexico's Chichen Itza
Salt Flats - Bolivia