The historic sites of Egypt and the Middle East are measured in millennia rather than centuries and whilst you might have to share the Pyramids with the crowds you can still enjoy a solitary sunset in the ruins of Lebanon's Balbeck where the Roman’s built their largest temple.

Egypt has always been a popular destination but those who go beyond the big three (Cairo, Luxor and Aswan) can enjoy stunning desert scenery in its Sinai and Western Deserts and an insight into Bedouin culture. In addition, its Red Sea coastline is a divers paradise. Jordan, Syria and The Lebanon offer a diverse mix of scenic and cultural sites and are easily combined. Turkey is at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, Russia & the Middle East where all of the great civilisations have left their mark. If you don’t mind going dry (and in the case of women, donning the local dress), Iran offers a unique travel experience and an insight into its distinct Persian culture. And for something different you might look to Oman or The Yemen for Arab culture largely untainted by the proceeds of oil.


Monastery - Petra
Feluccas - Aswan