A visit to the Indian Subcontinent has aptly been described as an assault on the senses – it’s sights, sounds and smells being a heady mix that can leave you stimulated, enchanted and exhausted to some degree. Whilst a single visit is enough for many countries, India is so diverse and varied that even after half a dozen visits you can feel you have only scratched the surface – and whilst its culture and history are the main attractions its mountains, wildlife and coastline can make for varied itineraries.

Buddhist Sri Lanka is sometimes known as India without the shocks – and perhaps Bangladesh is the opposite being infamous as the most disaster prone country on the planet (for hardened travellers that can make it all the more attractive!). Visits to the Himalaya range from the popular to the remote; from strenuous treks to Everest base camp to moderate walks in the Kingdom of Mustang; and from relaxing cultural tour of Bhutan to a pilgrimage to the sacred Mount Kailash in Tibet.


A Himalayan Journey - Amritsar To Leh-India, India

From the plains of India across the Indian Himalaya to Ladakh; scenically, religiously and culturally this is a spectacular and diverse trip. From Amritsar, famous for the Sikh Golden Temple,... More »
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