South East Asia

Encompassing China, Mongolia, Japan, Korea, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, The Philippines, Malaysia and the Indonesian islands the Far East is hugely diverse in its peoples, climate, wildlife and ecosystems - from The Gobi Desert to the Rainforests of Borneo  - and from ancient established Kingdoms to the last bastions of communism.

As well as becoming one of the world’s leading economies China is increasingly traveller friendly with a wide range of travel options from the traditional “highlights” tours to remote expeditions in its “wild west”. Thailand and Malaysia are arguably the most western facing countries in this area but have retained much of their culture and traditions. Indochina and Indonesia both offer the offbeat and have plenty to tempt the intrepid traveller – and those wanting to escape the regular traveller haunts and be challenged might  consider Japan, Myanmar, The Philippines or East Timor and expect the unexpected!


Trails Of Vietnam-Vietnam, South East Asia

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Monks at Angkor - Cambodia
Yangshuo - China