Southern Africa

Many associate Africa with its wildlife and tribal peoples but whilst it may be “nature’s continent” it has far more to offer. It is indeed a paradise for wildlife lovers – particularly in East and Southern Africa - but is also diverse with almost all its 40 or so countries offering a wide variety of travel opportunities.

For first time wildlife enthusiasts Kenya & Tanzania offer an unparalleled wildlife extravaganza and a week’s game viewing should show you all you could hope to see. Safaris in this area can also be combined with relaxation on its Indian Ocean coastline with Zanzibar and Lamu offering the added attraction of cultural interest. Wildlife connoisseurs might look at Botswana and Zambia for general wildlife, Uganda & Rwanda for gorillas and chimps or Gambia & Senegal for birdlife. Trekkers can climb Kilimanjaro, hike Ethiopias Simien Mountains or choose from the many walks in Morocco. And for cultural interest some likely destinations are Mali, Senegal or Ethiopia. And just as Africa has many of the world’s youngest countries it also has many of the world’s emerging destinations with Gabon, Mozambique, Mauritania and Eritrea being recent additions to the travel map


Mt Kenya Ascent-Kenya, Kenya

The majestic triple peaks of Mt Kenya are a sight to behold. Following less used routes, we use the Burguret Route and Sirimon Trail to ascend and descend, passing spectacular alpine moorland,... More »
Masked Dancers - Mali