For many Worlds Apart travellers the idea of a perfect tour is one where the culture is as far removed as possible from our own – to places that challenge our view of the world and the assumptions we make about it’s rights and wrongs.

For true “Worlds Apart” you might consider the Buddhist Kingdom of Mustang, the nomadic steppes of Mongolia or the anamist Dogon Villages of Mali where you can see lifestyles largely untouched by our modern world. India can be both stimulating and confusing at the same time in its kaliedescope of cultures - perhaps proving that variety is indeed the spice of life. China has the added attraction of a country in flux between it’s imperial and communist past and its potential future as the factory of the world. Even modernist and G8 member Japan can surprise the traveller in being so different and making relatively few concessions to our western ways.


Inti Raymi, Cuzco
Old Ladakhi Weaver