Family Adventures

With more families exploring the alternatives to traditional beach holiday the world of family adventures has blossomed in the last few years and options now exist to visit every corner of the globe.

Most travel is in small groups but some itineraries are available to individual families - and we can tailor make arrangements to many destinations. Whilst some tours have minimum ages some departures are geared to infants, teenagers and even single parent families. There are also a wide range of centre based holidays which offer a range of optional activities where you might snowshoe, sea-kayak, trek, cycle, dogsled or spend a night with the nomads. Experience sunrise at the Taj Mahal or sunset on the Masai Mara, trek the Himalayas or climb Cape Town’s Table Mountain, paddle Turkey’s turquoise coast, visit the Great Pyramids, the Great Wall, the Sinai desert, or the Lost City of Petra.


Beach Bum - Seychelles
Elephant Safari - Laos