Tribal Encounters

In today’s busy modern world of concrete, car parks and stressful lives it is easy to argue that we have much to learn from the world’s tribal peoples whose lives may not be rich in material terms - but by other measures; stress free living, in touch with nature, sense of community and belonging, etc… they are rich beyond measure.

There are a number of small group tours that offer a sensitive insight into these tribal cultures and a chance to experience their unique way of life. For example, the Omo Valleys home to a number of small and distinctive tribal groups – each with their own customs and traditions. Mali’s animist Dogon region and the hills tribes of Northern Laos both offer the opportunity to trek for a few days through their villages and fields. In a similar vein, the world’s ethnic groups living tradition lifestyles offer similar insights - such as the nomadic lifestyles of the Mongols or Sinai's Bedouins.


Daniker Girls, Ethiopia
Masai mother & child