Visiting the worlds remaining areas of wilderness is perhaps the ultimate travel experience - and the rewards of reaching remote locations far outweigh the fact that you may have to “rough it” for a few days. To sit alone on a Saharan outcrop in the dead of night under a canopy of dazzling stars - surrounded by 360 degrees of nature stretching to the horizon and untouched by man is a humbling experience!

The great deserts of our planet are the obvious wilderness destinations - the Sahara, the Gobi and the Namib - but the world’s forests, mountains, and tundras all have opportunities for wilderness experiences. The jungles of Africa & Latin America, the Mountainscapes of the Himalaya and Central Asia's Tien Shan, the Tibetan Plateau, and the vast Australia Outback all offer a chance to escape our man made world and re-connect with nature.


Kilamanjaro icefields
Dunes of the Namib Desert