Responsible Travel

The last thing we want to do is dictate your choice of holiday. However, we do promote and provide a wide portfolio of travel experiences that when taken as a whole tend toward those that are more environmentally friendly than the mainstream.

We are happy to offer advice and help in choosing travel arrangements that are environmentally sensitive – and have long championed cultural, walking, wildlife and wilderness experiences where interaction with other cultures and environments can be a life changing experience – altering the way we think and behave towards our planet.

Whilst we offer a wide range of small group tours and infinite tailor made options the emphasis is definitely on leaving a small footprint. Most of the tour operators we deal with have responsible travel policies which minimise the impact of their tours and try to have positive effect on the places and people visited. One of our favourite travel partners, Exodus, was awarded the coveted title of “Most Environmentally Responsible Tour Operator” at the annual British Travel Awards 2006.

We hope that our clients will be sensitive in their approach to the places they visit and try to make the experience mutually beneficial. Taking away fond memories but at the same time contributing in a positive way to the local culture. Buy locally and try the local specialities. Do not litter and conserve water (in many countries water is a precious commodity and recycling systems are virtually non existent).

We may be rich in a materialistic sense – but in terms of saving the planet through sustainable lifestyles we often have far more to learn from the cultures we visit than they do from us!

Local Transport – Senegal
Cultural interaction – Vietnam
Small Footprints – Nepal
Slower Pace – Egypt