Tailor Made Travel

If group travel doesn’t fit your travel plans we can arrange tailor made itineraries to suit your ideas and budget to virtually anywhere. It may cost a little more but gives you the flexibility to choose where, when and what to visit. With a portfolio of tours and hotels running into thousands, from five stars to no stars, we can usually find and put together a trip that fits your preferences.

As well as gearing itineraries to ideas, budgets and time-scales we can also offer plenty of advice, such as on the amount of money to take, local climate, visas and travel insurance. One of our team is likely to have first hand knowledge of the destination you’re planning to visit and will be able to give you up to date first hand advice.

We can mix and match any number of tours, treks, hotels, hostels, flights and car hire and are past masters at putting together complex itineraries. Some destinations such as North America, Australia and South Africa lend themselves to self-drive tours and and we can book anything from just flights and the first couple of nights (if you want to keep your options open) to a complete inclusive itinerary. Other regions such as the Indian Sub-Continent and most parts of Africa are best explored with a local guide and offer plenty of scope for indulging cultural and wildlife interests.

For more information or inspiration take a look around our website and read about the destinations, activities and styles of travel that we can offer. Alternatively you can email us or use our enquiry form in the ‘contact us’ section for more information or a quote.

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